Bill de Blasio Blames Trump for Monsey Attack, but NY Is Letting Criminal Suspects Out, Even Giving Them Gifts

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Guess who failed presidential candidate Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio is blaming for the Monsey machete attack on a Orthodox Jewish Hanukkah celebration?


If you guessed President Donald Trump, you’d be right. Although to be fair, he blames others in Washington, too.

Here he goes with Fox’s Ed Henry, saying that a lot of this is generated from an attitude in “Washington” which is “not just the president.”

He says he wants to go back to the time when Democrats and Republicans tried to find common ground (as he blames Trump for something he had nothing to do with).

First, the person responsible is the perpetrator, whether or not he/she fits the media narrative.

But secondly, as former Democratic New York Rep. Dov Hikind, the other man on the video notes, many in NYC do place blame on de Blasio for failing to do anything about anti-Semitic attacks in New York City which have been happening for years. The attacks have increased with an alarming nine attacks in this past week during Hanukkah. Eight of the incidents involved assaults on Orthodox Jews on the streets in Brooklyn, a ninth involved a man entering a Lubavitch center and threatening to shoot people.

While politicians have done nothing to stop the attacks on Jews, they have been busy passing laws that actually make the situation much worse.

As we reported the people caught in some of those attacks have been released on their own recognizance, without bail, basically by the next day, despite violently attacking people for being Jews because of the new bail reform law passed by New York Democrats.


Here’s Tiffany Harris who allegedly punched three Orthodox Jewish women this week, yelling “F–k you, Jews” as she attacked them.

She was released without bail despite admitting the crime to the police, having an open harassment and assault case from November 2018, and having a conviction for felony criminal mischief for which she served no time and for which she failed to make court appearances.

The new law requires that suspects be released without bail for an array of hundreds of misdemeanor and felony crimes. While the new bail law goes into effect Jan. 1, it can be applied retroactively, meaning anyone being held on bail for any of those offenses would be eligible to be let out.

As we previously noted, the “bail reform” also impacted the Monsey attacker, Grafton Thomas. The assistant district attorney was unable to get the no bail he asked for to ensure that Thomas stayed in jail because, as the judge noted, she no longer is allowed to do that. She has to grant him bail. The only thing she could do was set it so high as to hope he couldn’t meet it, which is what she did, setting it at $5 million, meaning he’d have to come up with $500,000 to get out.

But not only is New York making it easier for criminals to get out and be free to prey on people, they are now even giving criminals parting gifts in the process, courtesy of de Blasio, as the NY Post reports.


So sorry we had to lock you up — please accept these parting gifts as an expression of our hope, it won’t happen again!

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest soft-on-crime initiative has workers stationed on Rikers Island presenting newly released jailbirds with free transit passes and two $25 debit cards each, The Post has learned.

Plans even call for the addition of prepaid, “burner”-style cellphones and drawstring bags for the ex-inmates to carry their swag, a source familiar with the program said.

The “crime pays” giveaways build on another de Blasio policy — revealed by The Post last month — that showers freebies including Mets tickets on prisoners being released under the state’s new bail-reform law.

The idea behind the gifts is to induce people to return to court. But it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of victims and police who think it’s rewarding criminals.

Maybe if de Blasio wants to look at whose actions are contributing to the problem, he should check the mirror.


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