WaPo Columnist: We Were Wrong to Call on Ralph Northam to Resign for Blackface/KKK Pic

Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA)

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, left, accompanied by his wife, Pam, speaks during a news conference in the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond, Va., on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. Resisting widespread calls for his resignation, Northam on Saturday vowed to remain in office after disavowing a racist photograph that appeared under his name in his 1984 medical school yearbook. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Remember when some Democrats and folks in media called on Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph “Blackface/KKK” Northam to resign?

Northam was facing a scandal where he was either the person in blackface or a KKK robe at a party in a picture in his medical school yearbook.

He initially apologized for it. But then took it back and said he didn’t remember it and dealt with it by admitting there was at least one other occasion where he wore blackface when he dressed up as Michael Jackson for a dance contest.

Then there was also the problem of the Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax being accused of rape by two women and the next in line, Attorney General Mark Herring, also admitting to wearing blackface.

But then came the problem.

Northam refused to resign, despite pressure. What to do?

So now WaPo columnist Karen Tumulty is admitting they were wrong to call for his resignation because he’s “atoned.”


And the WaPo is talking about how he’s “come back from the dead,” again pitching this “atoned” position. Oh, and they also contend that it’s still not known if Northam is actually one of the people pictured because he claimed he wasn’t sure it was him. Despite the fact when it first came out, Northam apologized and admitted it showed lack of judgment.

Had this been a Republican, it would still be in the news, he’d be called out for his lame excuse and for not resigning.


He’s serving their purpose, which is all that’s important.

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