Comey Embarrasses Himself, Gets Ripped Apart in Fox Interview

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Both Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and former FBI Director James Comey (D-Delusional) did interviews on Fox News on Sunday.

They both embarrassed themselves pretty badly in the process.


Comey, who had initially declared vindication when the IG Report was released last week, was now backpedaling with Chris Wallace after it was revealed how bad the abuse was in the wake of the testimony of Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

When asked about Comey’s claim of vindication, Horowitz said definitively, “No one who touched this was vindicated” because it was such a horror show.

Comey basically said to Wallace it depends on what the meaning of is, is. He claimed the IG dispelled the claim of surveillance on the Trump team or that there was an effort to undermine Trump, which was not true. All the IG said was that he didn’t find bias in the initial start of the probe. That simply means he didn’t find it, he wasn’t saying it didn’t exist. And he found it throughout, as well as that there were “confidential human sources” who were wired deployed against the Trump team.


On Fox, Comey was forced to admit, finally, “He’s [Horowitz] right, I was wrong.” He termed his prior defense as being “overconfident as director in our procedures” and acknowledged what happened “was not acceptable.”

But he still continued to perpetuate the lie that the Steele Dossier wasn’t “a huge part of the presentation to the court,” despite Chris Wallace nailing him with Horowitz saying that “played a central and essential role” in establishing probable cause.

Wallace accused Comey of minimizing the unreliability of the dossier and the fact that the sub source said that Steele’s information in the dossier wasn’t reliable. Comey played dumb and pretended he didn’t know about that, and suggested it was the sub source who was unreliable, not Steele.

From Fox News:

In addition to the issues related to Steele, the FBI was found to have omitted exculpatory information about Page that could have impacted the judge’s decision in granting the FISA warrant. Included in this was an instance where an attorney was found to have altered an email to say that Page had not been a CIA source, when in fact he had been working with them. That information would have justified Page’s contacts with Russia, and its omission ultimately led to the FBI renewing the FISA warrant against Page.


The FBI also failed to tell the FISA court that it was the Democrats – the DNC and the Clinton team – who had paid for Steele through Fusion GPS to get info or disinformation from Russians which was then spread to the FBI and to the media to undermine Donald Trump.

Comey tried to excuse all the lies and the failures as “real sloppiness” rather than misconduct despite the finding that at least one person had deliberately altered the email to remove the information that Carter Page had worked for the CIA so that they could continue to surveil him. Comey claimed that the report “did not find any misconduct by any FBI people” but just “mistakes and negligence” which was absolutely false.

He claimed he was “unaware of the particulars” at the time although he admitted ultimately it was his responsibility. But it was Comey who personally signed off on two of the three Carter Page FISA warrant applications.

Here’s the full interview:



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