Gowdy: FBI 'Confirmed' the Most Salacious Part of Dossier Using Clinton 'Right-Hand' Sidney Blumenthal

We earlier reported on former Chair of the House Intel Committee Trey Gowdy’s appearance with Martha MacCallum on Fox during which he identified what he thought was the “most damning” information in the IG report. He also destroyed any claims by former FBI Director James Comey that he was “vindicated” by the report.


But Gowdy didn’t stop there. He outlined another aspect of the probe which is at least as troubling – that they didn’t give President Donald Trump or the Trump team a real “defensive briefing” to let them know about what they allegedly thought were Russian efforts.

MacCallum says Bill Priestap’s excuse was that we didn’t know if Trump might be a target. What it actually says on page 55 is that they didn’t know who might be involved. Comey said multiple times that Trump was not the subject. Gowdy said that the explanation they gave to him and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was that they couldn’t give a full briefing to Trump because a target of the investigation, Michael Flynn was sitting next to him. But then, as Gowdy notes, they never made an attempt thereafter to inform Trump.

And worse, as Gowdy notes, they didn’t send a debriefing specialist to that debriefing meeting with Trump and Flynn, they sent an agent working on Crossfire Hurricane, viewing it as an opportunity to surveil and get more information on the Trump team. Gowdy indicated it showed clear bias, and they never would have done that if it was clearly about protecting the Trump campaign.


Gowdy also drops another nugget of information in regard to the infamous “pee tape.” He said that the origin of the story was a rumor in a bar and that the person who repeated it (presumably the sub source who told Steele who) didn’t even believe it and couldn’t believe that Steele put it in the dossier as though it were real. But that the FBI “confirmed” it from Hillary Clinton’s right-hand and fixer, Sidney Blumenthal, Gowdy says.

From National Review:

Blumenthal, a longtime Clinton confidant and fixer, helped to disseminate a separate opposition-research dossier on then-candidate Trump compiled by his aide Cody Shearer. Blumenthal gave Shearer’s dossier, which contained some of the same salacious details included in Steele’s report, to a State Department official who provided it to Steele, who then gave it to the FBI to corroborate his own investigation.


So basically, you had a DNC/Clinton team funded operative (Steele) spreading b.s. and rumor, then being “confirmed” by a Clinton fixer. And the FBI not seeming to give a darn about how problematic that is and welcoming it at all. But sure, there’s no bias.


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