TIME Cements Its Irrelevance With Choice for 'Guardians of the Year'

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch is sworn in to testify to the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 15, 2019, during the second public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump’s efforts to tie U.S. aid for Ukraine to investigations of his political opponents. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


TIME named their “Person of the Year” today and managed to firmly stamp their virtue signaling card with the choice.

As my colleague Bonchie reported earlier, they chose Greta Thunberg, for being a “global icon.”

They were considering House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump and the Hong Kong protesters among their choices. But they chose the teenager who admits, herself, that she hasn’t actually achieved anything so far. Hong Kong protesters are literally sacrificing their lives to fight for their freedoms, but sure, go with that.

But TIME also expanded their categories this year, including one called “Guardians of the Year.”

So okay, did they choose the Hong Kong protesters for that, the folks fighting as the guardians of freedom and liberty for Hong Kong? How about Attorney General Bill Barr for his efforts to support and uphold the Constitution despite personal attack by the Democrats?

Nope. Continuing their slide into irrelevance and obliviousness, they choose “public servants,” specifically naming the anonymous whistleblower (reportedly Eric Ciaramella) and other bureaucrats who testified during the impeachment proceedings.


Never mind that most of the “witnesses” weren’t on the July 25th call in question, that we had the call transcript showing what was said, not one witness was actually able to testify that there was a quid pro quo and the Ukrainians including President Volodymyr Zelensky said repeatedly there wasn’t one.

Never mind that this is about finding any excuse for impeachment, using bureaucrats who think they get to dictate foreign policy, not the president.

Never mind that they are the opposite of being “guardians.”

The public just let them have it on Twitter.



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