Impeach! The Salt and Pepper Shakers Are Too Big!

Democrats and media have gone after President Donald Trump for virtually anything and everything since he was elected, from his liking two scoops of ice cream and his love of fast food to his tweets.


They’re desperate to find the smoking gun that will enable them to impeach him.

And now, we think they’ve finally found it.

Trump’s salt and pepper shakers are too big.

No, really.

James Pasley of the Business Insider broke this huge story.

Pasley actually goes out of his way to research and pull pictures of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, to note that their salt and pepper shakers were the same size as those of their guests. Of course, none of those pictures he produces was of a formal dinner similar to the one in the Trump picture.

But more importantly, so what? Who cares about salt and pepper shakers?

What is that supposed to prove? Trump likes more salt and pepper?

Meanwhile, it’s not like there are any important stories to cover like a huge pedophile ring run by a man connected to all kinds of powerful people. Or Democrats trying to impeach a president because they’re upset that he beat them in the election.

They even are concerned that his salt and pepper are further apart in one picture while the other ones are close together.


John Borjas provides the simple answer that Pasley missed in all his research (naturally).

But seriously, how dumb is this?


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