MSNBC's Joy Reid Show Makes a Huge Blunder, Confuses White Supremacist Richard Spencer With Former Sec of Navy Richard Spencer

MSNBC just made the kind of mistake that you can’t imagine anyone making if they’re aware of current events as an alleged news organization is supposed to be.


Joy Reid was talking about the controversy involving Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher and the former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer on her show. And naturally, their focus basically was questioning the involvement of President Donald Trump in the case.

Reminder? He’s the Commander in Chief, he can be involved. These are the very same people who said nothing about the micromanaging of the military by the Obama administration, with such things as an incredibly restricted Rules of Engagement which resulted in Americans dying. They also were conspicuously silent when Obama was conducting what some called a “purge” of the military.

But, as she and her panel spoke about the issue, the show ran a graphic that included a picture of Richard Spencer. Except it wasn’t the former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, it was the white supremacist Richard Spencer.

Yikes. Is this just the case of an ignorant intern who doesn’t know the difference and pulled his picture? But it still got past someone in authority to get on the air.

Needless to say, people noticed.


Reid did issue a correction later in the show, saying they were “very deeply sorry.”

But once again an “honest mistake” that always seems to go one way. At least this time they apologized.

Where is the apology for three years of pushing the Russia collusion hoax? What’s the status of her claim that her blog was hacked and that’s how homophobic and otherwise offensive posts wound up there?

On the positive side, I guess we should give them credit for not being CNN who actually had the white supremacist Richard Spencer on their show, just because they thought he’d bash Trump and their TDS trumped common sense and morality.


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