Media Claims Trump 'Tweeting and Golfing' on Thanksgiving While He's Actually Visiting Troops in Afghanistan

President Donald Trump paid a surprise visit to the troops in Afghanistan today, served them a Thanksgiving meal, and visited with them.

But if you were only relying upon Newsweek you might not have known it.


Newsweek ran a completely speculative report about midday which basically was a thinly-veiled hit piece, saying that Trump would be “tweeting and golfing” at Mar-a-Lago. But in fact, he had already landed in Afghanistan.

The report by Jessica Kwong, the “political reporter covering the Trump administration and family,” also claimed he would be having 24 dishes like prior Thanksgivings (no, he and his family in prior years ate from what appears to be the Mar-a-Lago club selection with a choice of different entrees and desserts, obviously not eating a 24 course meal). But phrasing it that way was meant to paint a view of excess and overindulgence.

While noting what Trump had done on the past two Thanksgivings as president, Kwong managed to leave out the critical detail that he also visited troops at a Coast Guard station both years and delivered meals.

The news about Trump’s visit to Afghanistan broke just after 2:00 p.m. ET. But Newsweek didn’t correct the story until 6:17 p.m. Kwong called publishing the completely speculative report an “honest mistake.” No, it’s not an “honest mistake” to run a story that’s not based on any facts.


People were not pleased with the fake news

The same thing happened last year, except with NBC instead.

Last year, NBC reported that Trump was the first President since 2002 not to visit the troops at Christmastime.

They did that, even as he was in fact, en route into Iraq to visit the troops. But they couldn’t even wait to see what he was doing before attacking.

And although they later updated the story, they left the fake headline in place, journalist Sharyl Attkisson notes.


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