Justice: Portland Antifa Member Who Allegedly Attacked Car Driven By Elderly Man Is Finally Arrested

You may remember the viral video of Antifa people screaming and attacking a car that dared to drive through an intersection they were trying to block in Portland, Oregon during a protest last year.


The car driven by an elderly man, 75 year old Kent Houser, who was just trying to get away from them as they attacked. When his car then stopped down the block and he gets out, the Antifa folks converge on him and the car again, attacking it, with one man smashing it with a baton.

As he drives away, they almost comically scream, “Someone get the plate number!” as though Houser had done something wrong, ironically not seeing that any normal person is going to be frightened and try to get away from a screaming, attacking mob.

It looks like they’re finally going to hold someone accountable in the case.

From Oregon Live:

Portland police arrested a man suspected of using a metal baton to smash a luxury sedan as the car pushed through a throng of demonstrators more than a year ago in an encounter that blossomed into a national news story.

Shaun Clancy, 37, was booked Wednesday into the Multnomah County jail on a felony allegation of first-degree criminal mischief stemming from the Oct. 6, 2018, dustup.

Officers found a pair of brass knuckles on Clancy when they arrested him as well as a stun gun with an “Antifa” sticker pasted on it, according to police. Clancy now faces an additional allegation of carrying a concealed weapon.


Houser said at the time, “They beat the living daylights out of my automobile,” noting it cost several thousand dollars to repair.

Police at the time did little to stop the mob, as Oregon Live reported, seemingly turning over the streets to them.

But at least they finally got around to locking up this guy.

This is the second Antifa case addressed in Portland this month. Earlier in the month, Gage Halupowski, was given an almost six year sentence for cracking a man’s skull with a baton during an Antifa riot.

A few more arrests like this and it might actually deter some of these folks who think they have a right to terrorize people in the streets.


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