CNN Contributor Claims Doctored Pic of Stefanik Is 'Believable'

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Why is it that when some allegedly conservative people join CNN, they seem to turn into pod people?

Folks on the left were spreading a doctored picture of Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) giving the finger to the camera in the hearing room at the end of the hearing on Friday.


Never Trumper George Conway also spread it and tried to justify doing so even after he knew it was fake, although he ultimately deleted his post of it.

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter, a “conservative,” said that although the picture was fake, it was “believable” because Stefanik had been “somewhat obnoxious” during the hearing.

Great. CNN’s standard now is it doesn’t have to be real as long as you think it might be.

Wait, so pressing for the right to speak when your colleague has yielded you his time, a practice previously always allowed until the ascendancy of the Schiff dictatorship, is “obnoxious?”


Why is sticking up for basic rights for the GOP “obnoxious” but being vile, calling people “trash” and spreading fake pictures is just fine?

No, the picture is not believable, unless you’re pumped up on TDS or work for CNN.

But it does say a lot about anyone who would believe it or who would spread it. Or try to justify it.

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