Trump Gets Thunderous Applause at LSU/Alabama Game, Reaction When CNN Asked About Impeachment Made It Even Better

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Liberal media is going to have a tough time trying to spin the reaction that President Donald Trump got at the LSU/Alabama game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


As the Daily Wire observed, Newsbusters Vice President Dan Gainor called it, “Welcome to real America!” and it was certainly different from the reaction in D.C. during the World Series game, inside the Beltway bubble.

Scotty Amos from Bossier City, Louisiana, told The Shreveport Times, “It’s a big game. He’s a sports fan. Why would he not come? The fans are excited. They are his people. Just imagine being a 19-year-old and getting to play in this game and the leader of the free world is here to watch you play. He wants to be here — to experience a big-time college game like this.”

When news broke that Trump was attending the game, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow said, “You know, regardless of your political views, that’s pretty cool having the president at the game. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the president at the game’s pretty cool.”


It got even better.

CNN decided to ask some of the fans what they thought about the impeachment process going on in D.C. and CNN got an earful from fans.

The fans let them know in no uncertain turns that they thought the president had been treated unfairly. And they thought Democrats should be more about getting things done than wasting time on this.

We have to give CNN credit for putting that on and pigs are definitely flying that they did.

So props to the fans for laying it out there for CNN and letting them know what Americans really think outside of the Beltway and the liberal media bubble.

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