Artist Paints a Huge Tribute to Greta Thunberg, But There's a Small Problem

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

A lot of folks on the left have painted 16 year old Greta Thunberg as a climate change idol.

But someone has now actually done it literally, spray painting a huge mural of the teen’s face on the side of a building in San Francisco. The four story painting, by artist Andres “Cobre” Petreselli, is meant to draw attention to climate change.


From San Francisco CBS Local:

“What I want from people is to realize have to do something for the world,” Cobre said. “Otherwise, it’s going to be the beginning of our extinction.”

Cobre says his paintings often provoke strong reactions. He painted the Robin Williams mural on Market Street that has recently been demolished to make way for some high rise apartments. But this work of art , he said, is different.

“This one is more political, because I want them to think about it,” he said. “What’s the message behind it? Maybe to create conversation with friends: ‘Have you seen the mural of Greta? What is it about? Climate change.’”

Not a cult, not a cult, not a cult.

That’s not at all creepy or Big Brother-ish, is it? A huge mural of a teen thinking she knows all telling you how you should act.

And then there’s another bit of hypocrisy here.

Did you notice how the mural is being painted? Sure looks like aerosol spray cans. Isn’t that a climate no-no?

And notice also how the artist even acknowledges that really isn’t the best thing for the environment or for him to breathe, by wearing a respirator.



But no worries, after they empty all the aerosol cans, they’re not just going to throw them out.

Paul Scott, executive director of One Atmosphere who is behind the mural and is paying for the paint, says that they are hoping to make a sculpture out of the “133+ empty spray paint cans,” according to SF Gate.

Meanwhile, while time and attention is being spent on this, building the cult of Greta and other virtue signaling, San Francisco has become a hellhole of poop and used drug needles. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. Imagine if you truly cared about the environment and decided to clean all that up and reform the Democratic policies that led to it?

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