Hillary Better Watch Out, Tulsi Just Showed How Fit She Is to Take Her On

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has been in the news of late not just because she’s a Democrat running for the presidential nomination in 2020, but because of the huge smackdown she gave Hillary Clinton after Clinton suggested that she was a Russian asset.


Gabbard just decimated Hillary.

But Clinton might want to watch out who she’s picking fights with.

Because it sure looks like Gabbard is fully equipped to fight back. Here she is doing high intensity interval training.


Dang. This is the workout we all wish we were able to do.

Don’t even think we even have to look at videos of any of the other Democratic candidates to know she wins “most fit.”

She for sure beats Beto, who just dropped out. Here he is touching a weight and stopping.

We don’t have any of Hillary doing her yoga routines, they were probably wiped out in the bleach bit accident where she wiped them with a cloth.

But here’s what we found, a pic of her demonstrating alternate nostril breathing technique, which she claims makes her calmer.

Pro tip? Either Hillary’s not doing it right or it isn’t working for her.


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