Joe Biden Goes Full 'Uncle Joe,' Gets Confused About Who's In Race

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Democrats really are in a box when it comes to Joe Biden.

Many Democrats wanted to back him. But every time they let him out and he opens his mouth, he loses votes.


He was at it again during a forum where a young woman asked him what he was doing to reach out to Hispanics.

She mentioned how the Trump team trolled Biden, realizing that Biden wasn’t sufficiently savvy enough to buy the domain name for his Hispanic outreach slogan, Todos con Biden. The Trump team bought it, and in a funny troll, posted a page saying how Biden had forgotten Latinos and redirected to Latinos for Trump.

So she asked what else was he doing to convey his vision to Hispanics?

“There are websites that you can buy. So they went out and bought everything with that had to do with the name Biden, Joe Biden,” he responded. “So even that I’m the only campaign that I’m aware of, maybe, maybe Cisneros’ campaign is doing it, I’m not sure, um, Castro’s campaign is doing it. The fact is we have reached out extensively into the African, excuse me, Hispanic community, the Latino community, over my entire career. And we have a lot of support in the community. So what these guys have done, we wanted to make sure we could go online and in Spanish, you could in fact, learn everything I was doing and saying, and what’s it all about. Well, we can’t buy every single site out there, some of them cost $20-$30,000, etc, it would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


Yikes. What was that? Joe’s confused about who’s in the race.

Let’s start with there is no candidate in the race names “Cisneros.” Henry Cisneros was a Texas politician, the former Mayor of San Antonio, who hasn’t had a campaign since the 1980s. Talk about being stuck in time.

Cisneros was also a Clinton HUD secretary who had a big scandal when he was accused of lying to the FBI about an affair he had during his background checks for the cabinet position. All Hispanic politicians from Texas are not the same, Joe, Cisneros is not Julian Castro. And it’s not clear what Biden meant when he said “Castro’s campaign is doing it.”

Yes, you can’t buy every domain name that might include your name. But you surely should buy the ones you intend to use. That’s just a silly response. And it’s a dishonest one, since the Trump campaign only bought the one site, not “everything to do with the name Biden.”

Then, Biden never really answered her question, what was he doing to convey his vision?


Although admittedly, just as it was hard for Hillary Clinton, it’s hard to convert vision when you’re only real argument is “I’m next in line.” And it’s hard to convey vision, when you seem confused about basic things, like who’s in the race.


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