CNN Finally Admits Smearing Someone as a Russian Asset Is Wrong

Some in media and on the left have been calling out Hillary Clinton, after she suggested during an interview that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was a “Russian asset.”


And it sparked a remarkable conversation and acknowledgement with CNN host Brian Stelter on his show “Reliable Sources.”

From Free Beacon:

“This seems to me, Krystal, I know you are a fan of Tulsi Gabbard, but it feels like a disinformation situation where the Russians want this kind of disinformation,” Stelter said on his show Reliable Sources.

Krystal Ball, HillTV’s liberal news anchor, pushed back, saying, “You mean like from the Hillary Clinton side?”

“Whether you are a fan of Tulsi Gabbard or not, there is zero evidence that she is some Russian plant,” Ball said, “and I think it just makes the whole Russian conspiracy thing look absurd, that it’s gone this far. That you would as Hillary Clinton, a major figure in the Democratic establishment to this day, baselessly smear an American veteran who served in the Iraq war as a medic and still serves in the Hawaii Army National Guard, as being groomed by Vladimir Putin. That’s disgusting and absurd.”

Stelter continued, “I just always think to myself, this is what foreign governments want. When there’s this kind of vitriol and venom in American politics.”


Do you think that Stelter gets what he just said, that it’s wrong to push disinformation that someone is a Russian asset and it serves the aims of foreign governments when you do that?

That that’s exactly what he’s been doing for the last three years? Nice of him to finally get it!

He gets it with Tulsi Gabbard that it’s wrong to do. But it was also wrong when he and CNN were stoking that vitriol by promoting the Russia collusion hoax 24/7 against President Donald Trump.

And here’s the next leap for Stelter.

Guess who was the same person who was behind both smears?

Maybe he could be a journalist, take that next step and tell us who that was.

Let’s help him out.

The Clinton campaign was behind paying for the dossier that smeared Trump. It was then weaponized through the FBI and the media. Maybe while media is calling Hillary out for her present smear, they can look back and report on her involvement in the prior smear that has been responsible for so much vitriol and division in the United States over the past few years.



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