No Safe Space Here: Guy Lets the Climate Change Gang Have It, Big Time

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

Members of the climate change group that aggravated so many in London this past week, Extinction Rebellion, were also in San Francisco bothering people there.


They were demonstrating outside of the University of San Francisco campus on Gates Avenue, holding a banner across the street and holding hands, blocking traffic going both ways and preventing people from getting by or going to work.

Needless to say, it didn’t make some folks happy. Not to mention what sense does it make to stall traffic when you claim you are fighting carbon emissions so that you make more?

Well, one guy was not happy he couldn’t get to work and he made his feelings known.

Warning for offensive language:

The man, who was wearing medical scrubs, grabbed their banner and tossed it over the fence. He then yelled at them saying he had to get to work.

Here’s another angle, showing more of what happened.

The folks who took that video watching from above cheered the man.

About nine million have already shared the first video and there isn’t a lot of sympathy for the Extinction Rebellion folks who’ve managed to tick off most people everywhere.


Twitchy caught some of the responses.

It says a lot when even in San Francisco, the climate change gang’s antics are not welcome.


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