CNN's Latest Action Just Confirmed Impeachment Bias Shown In Project Veritas Video

Project Veritas has been nailing CNN in the last few days with video from one of their contract employees at their Washington Bureau.

Cary Poarch was so disgusted with the attitude he observed at CNN, he decided to go undercover and provide video to Project Veritas.


Among the videos is one that claimed Jeff Zucker, the president of the network, had a personal vendetta against President Donald Trump and wanted to spend all CNN’s time on impeachment.

While everyone has known that CNN pushes the left line despite claiming to be objective, it’s still pretty disturbing to hear them talk about it on video.

One of the videos has Zucker on a weekly morning phone call telling staffers that he wants them to concentrate focus on impeachment.

From Townhall:

“I want to stay with this, our top, top – our own reporters, our own political analysts, the top, the top [unintelligible] we have. Okay, so make sure we’re doing that. All these moves are moves towards impeachment. So, don’t – don’t lose sight of what the biggest story is.”
Zucker also says he doesn’t care about the whole gun control issue, he wants everybody focused on impeachment.

“I don’t care about the MSNBC event, OK? I don’t care about them. Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment,” Zucker said of an MSNBC gun town hall. “We shouldn’t just pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all of these moves are toward impeachment.”

CNN isn’t officially commenting on the videos which pretty much tells you they’re accurate.

But there’s another thing that shows how accurate they are.

And that’s the release of this ad from CNN. Since when do “objective news” organizations release ads like this which basically looks like they’re promoting impeachment?


Of course there’s a small problem with this ad as well, for the “objective news” organization.

That’s that House Speaker in as much just admitted yesterday just as CNN put out the ad that there really isn’t an “impeachment inquiry” underway because she said she didn’t see the need for a formal vote yet.

There are a few reasons she doesn’t want the vote now. First, is she has nothing and it’s gotten less by the day as the whistleblower’s claims getting contradicted including by the people actually on the call as well as the transcript. Second, she doesn’t want to put Democratic representatives who are in pro-Trump districts on the line with having to vote in favor of impeachment. That means she knows A) it will be a problem for them and B) she would need their vote to proceed. Third, if she actually has a formal vote, that could afford the GOP rights because of the vote, the right to subpoena, cross-examine and call witnesses to debunk the witch hunt.

But that’s not helping CNN’s impeachment narrative.



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