Susan Rice Pushes Fake Syria Propaganda Video to Attack Trump

There’s been a lot of reaction on both sides of the aisle to what’s going on in Syria.

But the one group that doesn’t have any standing to speak is the former officials of the Obama administration.


While some weighed in attacking President Donald Trump’s actions (as they always do), perhaps the worst reaction was from former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Rice retweeted a video from the area and blamed Trump for the death of a child. “WTF?? This blood is on Trump’s hands alone but the shame is shared by all decent Americans,” she said.

First, how horrible it is that we had a national security adviser who has no problem promoting a false propaganda video, as long as she can use it to attack Trump? Either she isn’t very observant, a bad problem for a national security adviser, or she doesn’t care that the child is blinking and moving her head, clearly alive, despite the mother’s claim. Such propaganda videos are not an uncommon thing, but she shouldn’t be pushing it and hurting American interests because she wants to attack Trump.

Second, the Obama administration actions in Iraq and Syria allowed for the rise of ISIS by their failure to address it early when they could have, despite warnings. Thousands died as a result including Americans. The Obama administration set multiple red lines with Bashar Assad in Syria in regard to chemical attacks on the Syrian people and Obama didn’t follow up on any of them. Thousands more were killed while we were embarrassed before the world. Democrats have been more upset in the last few days than they have over those hundreds of thousands being killed during the Obama administration.


Third, isn’t this the same Susan Rice who participated in the Benghazi scandal? Who went on the Sunday shows to falsely claim that the attack on our mission there was all because of a video? This isn’t the first time she’s pushed falsehoods about a video. Wasn’t she part of the same administration that didn’t provide adequate protection for our people there, despite a prior attack on the mission and despite threats to the Ambassador himself? Wasn’t she part of the same administration who left people to die there when they were desperately calling for help, as they fought back for hours without aid?

Fourth, isn’t this the same Susan Rice who was caught unmasking Trump aides and then lying about it, again on television? Remember that scandal from the administration that claims it had no scandals?

Take several seats, Susan Rice.


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