AOC On Verge of Tears: 'Dream of Motherhood is Bittersweet' Because We Are On Brink of 'Extinction'

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took her climate show on the road on Friday, when she was in Copenhagen where she spoke at the C40 World Mayors Summit.


In her speech, she was near tears and railed against climate change, saying that our world was at the crossroads of “extinction” and that there could be no “middle road” in response.

From Daily Wire:

“The climate crisis is already here,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed. “On this note I speak to you not as an elected official or public figure, but I speak to you as a human being – a woman whose dreams of motherhood now taste bittersweet because of what I know about our children’s future, and that our actions are responsible for bringing their most dire possibilities into focus. I speak to you as a daughter and descendant of colonized peoples who have already begun to suffer.”

She blamed Hurricane Maria’s destruction in Puerto Rico in 2017 on climate change saying her own grandfather died “in the aftermath.”

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that the disaster was “all because they were living under colonial rule, which contributed to the dire conditions.” She claimed that this was happening to people who had already suffered so much because of “imperialism.”

On the contrary, as the facts have revealed, local corruption and the failure of the local government have badly affected the island for years, despite billions poured in by the federal government. Governor Richard Rosello even had to step down after massive protests by the people because of unhappiness over his response in part.


She then claimed that media coverage of such disasters fails to mention climate change as a cause when in fact, they often do even if there’s no factual basis to support it.

“It is not a coincidence that the truth is controversial,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “None of this is a coincidence because climate change is not a coincidence or a scientific anomaly. Climate change is a consequence. It is a consequence of our unsustainable way of life.”

She spoke of fact and consensus but then claimed it was a fact that all three airports in New York would be flooded by 2080. She said if she had a child, “he, she or they,” would have to deal with a situation where the most critical infrastructure was underwater.

She decried the “runaway pursuit of profit” and argued that the only way to address climate change was to “change “society” and control the economy, on a level that had never been done before, to mobilize the change they desired.


But really it’s the other way around. The left and socialists need climate change to justify the radical desire to control the economy and completely change the system. That’s the real aim.

Here are a few facts from meteorologist Joe Bastardi for the non-scientist AOC.


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