Warrior's Coach Steve Kerr Attacks America While Defending China

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Golden State Warriors’ coach, Steve Kerr, is really covering himself in glory in regard to the China controversy. The controversy was sparked by Houston Rockets coach Daryl Morey posting a comment on social media supportive of the Hong Kong protesters and then being forced by the NBA to apologize after China complained. The NBA later tried to clean it up after an enormous backlash by the American public but it hasn’t gone over well.


First, Kerr had no comment when questioned about about the controversy, taking the same line that other coaches seem to have been encouraged to take, professing not to know much about the question.

But Kerr has had no problem in the past expounding on politics and attacking President Donald Trump publicly.

The president chided Kerr about his response on China, saying he was fearful of taking the proper stand.

“He didn’t know how to answer the question, and yet he’ll talk about the United States very badly,” Trump said.

Then, in another interview on Thursday concerning China and the president’s criticism, Kerr was asked if he’s ever been asked about human rights during his previous trips to China.

Kerr let loose with an unconscionable attack on the U.S. while defending the Chinese.


From Washington Examiner:

“It has not come up in terms of people asking me about it, people discussing it,” the coach told reporters. “No.”

There was a brief pause. Then, he continued.

“Nor has [America’s] record of human rights abuses come up either. You know, things that our country needs to look at and resolve. That hasn’t come up either,” Kerr added. “[P]eople in China didn’t ask me about, you know, people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down in a mall. I wasn’t asked that question.”

He continued:

“[N]one of us are perfect, and we all have different issues that we have to get to, and saying that is my right as an American,” he said. “Doesn’t mean that I hate my country. It means I want to address things, right?”

He added, “So we can play this game all we want and go all over the map and, you know, there’s this issue and that issue. The world is a complex place, and there’s more gray than black and white.”

Wait, what? Did he really just make an equivocation between the U.S. and an oppressive Communist dictatorship that has killed millions of its own people, is oppressing millions in Hong Kong right now and has thousands locked up in concentration camps and reeducation centers because we have gun crime? Yes, he did.


“No one’s perfect?” Yes, the U.S. government doesn’t lock people up for political and religious belief, China does. The U.S. doesn’t harvest people’s organs, China does. The U.S. has guaranteed rights for its citizens, Hong Kong people don’t know if they will be shipped off tomorrow and that’s why they are protesting.

He’s attacked Trump in the past, accusing him of “blatant display of nationalism” for controversy over a Philadelphia Eagles visit including a “celebration of America” featuring the United States Marine Band and United States Army Chorus

But China’s nationalism, oppressing and killing millions of people earns a “no one’s perfect.”

There is no comparison. And it’s vile, to say the least, to make that comparison and somehow find America wanting or even equal.

Hong Kong would love to have our Second Amendment right, as some protesters have proclaimed on their signs. But people like Kerr think that right should be curtailed because he thinks a gun is evil.


Kerr knows he has the right to speak here in the U.S. as he ironically claims. He wouldn’t have that right in China. Yet he doesn’t get he’s defending the suppression of speech by his actions.

No, Coach Kerr, a gun is not evil. Defending Communist dictatorships, that’s evil.


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