MSM Silent as Antifa Member Gets Justice for Attacking Man

Antifa members seem often to not face consequences for their actions. They might get arrested but then, often, seem to have charges dismissed.

But not this time.


According to the NY Daily News, David Campbell, 32, was originally charged with assault for strangulation, possession of a weapon, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and loitering after attacking a 56 year old man outside of a “Night for Freedom” event in Manhattan thrown by Mike Cernovich on January 20, 2018.

Campbell was one of about eighty Antifa people agitating outside the event.

Cops said the black-clad attacker punched and choked the man.

“I saw him hit the old man,” said witness Ali Thomas, 24. “One hit. He swung hard. He hit him hard. The old man’s head hit the curb.”

The 911 caller said initially that the 56-year-old was in cardiac arrest after the fight, according to fire officials. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition, officials noted.

This past week, according to the New York Post, Campbell pled guilty to two counts of felony assault and will be sentenced to 18 months according to the District Attorney’s office.

“When Antifa attacked a 56-year-old man, silence from the press,” Cernovich told The Post.

“Now that the criminal case is closed, I will also be taking legal action against Mr. Campbell and his confederates. It is time to find out who is funding Antifa,” he said.


Media has often failed to cover Antifa violence or painted them with a favorable brush, buying completely the idea that they are “fighting fascism” while minimizing their violence and ignoring their radical philosophy.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, for example, has compared Antifa to the U.S. military storming the beaches at Normandy. While Cuomo has said he does not justify violence, he has claimed they have a “good cause,” painting their violence as a bug rather than as a feature.

His colleague, Don Lemon, has also spoken favorably of Antifa, while saying that no one supports violence, has claimed they were fighting fascism and “no organization is perfect.”

Apart from coverage by local and conservative media, the plea doesn’t appear to have gotten attention. A search didn’t seem show any coverage by CNN of Campbell pleading guilty.


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