Young Black Immigrant Captures People's Hearts with Beautiful Moment at the White House

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One of the things that isn’t getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media this weekend is the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House.


The conference, organized by Turning Point USA, is an annual event for the Trump administration.

Many people lined up excitedly to get into the White House.

Once there, President Donald Trump invigorated the crowd when he came out to speak, sparking lots of cheers and chant of “USA, USA.”

You can see more of the event here.

Here’s some of the speech, released by the White House:

Our philosophy is grounded in the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that unite all Americans. And we really have been united. It’s been an incredible thing. A lot of great things have been happening. You don’t necessarily see it at the top of government, where the hatred is tremendous — the hatred toward us. And a lot of it is because of the success. We’re having such success. We’re showing them what’s going on — when you look at your unemployment numbers, how great they are. The best in history. You look at your employment numbers. You look at the poverty numbers. You look at all of the things that have been so beneficial, it’s driving them crazy, because they never produced numbers like that. And they’re losing African American votes, and they can’t do that. They just can’t do that. They haven’t done anything for you. They haven’t done anything. A hundred years — they haven’t done anything.

At long last, you have a government that puts Americans first, puts you first, puts your families and your communities first.


Trump listed some of the many accomplishments of the administration including the lowest unemployment in 50 years and criminal justice reform.

But he also praised the young leaders for having their own minds and not listening to the Democratic line.

You speak out for the values and principles that have made America the most exceptional nation anywhere on Earth. And I will say this today: It’s greater than it ever was before — our military, our economy. (Applause.) We have the greatest economy in the world. We have the greatest economy we’ve ever had. Tremendous numbers just came out today. You heard that.

But you stand up for the oppressive forces — and you do. You stand right up to those forces in our country that demand conformity and control. You refuse to be censored, you refuse to be silenced, and you will never back down. (Applause.) And don’t. Don’t ever back down.

But the moment that really captured the heart of the crowd and anyone who saw it on social media was this moment with a young woman who had emigrated as child from Ethiopia. She was so taken by the moment and her love for America she asked the crowd to pray for Trump and to pray for the nation.


With so many negative things going on, how lovely to have such a beautiful moment!


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