Trump Trolls Hillary on Infamous Magazine Cover at Young Black Leadership Summit

Screenshot from this video.
Screenshot from this video.

President Donald Trump hosted folks over the weekend at the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House.

The conference, organized by Turning Point USA, is an annual event for the Trump administration.


Many people lined up excitedly to get into the White House.

Once there, President Donald Trump invigorated the crowd when he came out to speak, sparking lots of cheers and chant of “USA, USA.”

You can see more of the event here.

Here’s the full speech, released by the White House.

Trump spoke on how we are all connected “in the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that unite all Americans” and how the young leaders visiting at the White House were standing up for America, speaking up for the values and principles that make us great.

He also praised them for standing up against censorship and control, saying, “You stand right up to those forces in our country that demand conformity and control. You refuse to be censored, you refuse to be silenced, and you will never back down.”

“Don’t ever back down,” he encouraged the young leaders.

While there were a lot of policy discussions and serious talk at the event, there also were fun moments.

There was this moment when one of the participants – who tweets indicate is Mike Luso, CEO and cofounder of Scriberr News – asked the president to sign the infamous erroneous Newsweek magazine cover that declared Hillary Clinton “Madam President.” Trump, ever the one to have sense of humor, signed it right on Hillary’s face.


But then it got even better.

Nicely done, folks!

Newsweek was anticipating, based on the polls, that Hillary Clinton would be the winner. But of course she was defeated because Trump was able to reach out to folks with a positive message that Clinton did not have.

It’s likely they’re going to be caught off-guard again in 2020, if the enthusiasm of the folks at the summit is any indication.


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