GOP Leader Signs Aboard Resolution to Censure Adam Schiff, Expect More to Come With Bombshell About Contact With Whistleblower

There’s now further movement in the effort to censure Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in the wake of him making up fake quotes during a live Congressional hearing about what President Donald Trump said in his call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.


Trump called for him to resign and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) introduced a resolution last Friday to censure him.

Schiff tried to excuse himself, saying that it was just “parody.” But then he went on ABC “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos and reiterated a lot of the false claims he made during the hearing.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has had enough with Schiff.

From Fox News:

“Chairman Adam Schiff has been lying to the American people for years,” McCarthy said in a tweet. “Now he is so desperate to damage the president that he literally made up a false version of a phone call. Enough is enough.”

McCarthy added: “I have signed a resolution to censure Schiff in the House of Representatives.”

Biggs also called out Schiff’s lies in a video he posted to Twitter.

“The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee read a statement that was blatantly false, had no corresponding evidence nor relationship to the actual transcript of President Trump’s telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president. That is inexcusable.”


This isn’t the first time that Schiff has had some trouble with the truth.

Schiff claimed he had “evidence” that showed Trump collusion with Russia during the Mueller investigation. That “evidence” never materialized. But because Schiff was the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee it lent credence to the untruth. Robert Mueller concluded in his investigation that there had been no collusion between the Trump team and Russia.

Former congressman Trey Gowdy, who used to be the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and who had to deal with Schiff, said that Schiff was doing now essentially what he did during the Russia collusion hoax.

“This is the same show; they said he had evidence of collusion. He’s not making that mistake this time. … He’s just gonna make it up and he made it up on national television,” Gowdy told “The Story.”


The movement to censure Schiff may have just gotten an even bigger kickstart after it was revealed today that Schiff’s office had contact with the Ukraine whistleblower even before he/she filed his complaint, that the whistleblower spoke with a Schiff aide with vague allegations which later became the complaint.

President Trump rightly called out the suspicious nature of that encounter during a press briefing today, saying he believed there had been coordination.

Expect more to join in calling for action against Schiff especially in light of this latest bombshell.


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