Politico Reporter Is so Eager to Dunk on Lara Trump, He Trips All Over Himself and Gets Blasted for Fake News

Some in media seem bent on going to any length to feed their anti-Trump narrative.

Even if it means spreading ridiculous fake news.

Lara Trump is the wife of Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s second son. In a tweet, she made the point that Democrats are trying to overcome the will of the people with their rabid efforts to find something with which to impeach the president.


Twitchy caught the response of Jake Sherman. Sherman is a senior writer for Politico, writes a political news letter for them, and lists NBC and MSNBC in his profile. But he was so eager to dunk on Lara Trump, he came out with this beauty of a tweet.

Um, problem, journalist?

President Richard Nixon was never impeached. While the House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment against Nixon, for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress, and reported those articles to the House of Representatives, they didn’t get to a formal vote from the full House to impeach Nixon because he resigned before then.

Why doesn’t a political journalist know that?

It took Sherman several hours to “clarify.”

But people weren’t buying the “clarification” and Sherman got hit with a Twitter ratio.


And that’s the problem not only here, but with much of media.

The anti-Trump feeling is so strong with some, facts don’t matter in trying to push the narrative. It’s more important to get the anti-Trump point out there than it be correct.

One might also note that unlike with Trump, the Congress in 1974 actually had some evidence on Nixon, they didn’t have to go searching for things, trying to throw something up against the wall and hoping it would stick.

Big difference. Now the people know that’s what they’re doing.


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