It's All a Game: Dems Have No Plans yet to Vote for Formal Impeachment Inquiry

There was a lot of hullabaloo on Tuesday about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing she had finally decided to move forward on an impeachment inquiry. Headlines blasted everywhere and some media even created their banners for “impeachment inquiry.”


But there’s still a bit of a problem, as the Republican ranking member, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) notes:

Are Pelosi and the Democrats planning on holding that vote to make it official? Not so much, as the House Rules Committee Chairman just revealed.

So what’s the point of all the theater? They are desperate to find something to hang on President Donald Trump. Nothing they have thrown at him so far has stuck. Joe Biden is lagging and they have a pretty dismal field of candidates. They are also desperate to appease their base who have been hot to impeach Trump since the moment he won office.

Why don’t they want to hold an official vote?

Among other reasons, they stand to lose a lot of critical seats in the House in states which Trump won, where voters are likely not to take kindly to Democrats trying to throw out the person they elected to office. As many as 31 folks may be at risk in those states.


Democrats don’t want to flag those representatives for voters to toss out and possibly lose the House.

Beyond that, a recent poll found that impeachment is supremely unpopular, not just among Republicans, but among critical independent voters and in those swing counties that they would also need to win in 2020.

Strangely enough, voters are not happy when Democrats spend their time and our money on frivolous efforts to throw out our duly elected leaders because Democrats are unhappy that their side lost.

Democrats may yet be forced into a formal vote.

But this ‘inquiry’ also shows every likelihood of boomeranging on the Democrats big time, exposing both their craven goals and possible Biden corruption. They’re literally walking into a buzzsaw without knowing what comes next, with Biden having already confessed on video to pressuring Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was looking into corruption at his son’s company.


When people see all that, they’re not going to look kindly upon Democrats come November 2020.


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