Ajit Pai: This is What the Net Neutrality Fight Is All About

We’re being inundated with Net Neutrality agitprop as the FCC vote nears. Ajit Pai is here with what really matters: the truth about an open Internet.

The biggest threat to an open Internet isn’t the profit motive. It’s the censorship motive. The more we put the Internet in the hands of unelected, unaccountable regulators, the more we risk our Internet falling the way of China, Russia, Turkey, and Indonesia. A light touch is vital to keeping the Internet as open as it’s been, and Ajit Pai is on the case.


The “Title II Reclassification” power grab by the Obama FCC was unprecedented, unwarranted, and unsupported by legislation. That’s all Pai and the FCC are going to undo. We’re going to preserve the open Internet.

Every time FCC meddles, they pick winners and losers. By impairing customer choice (and yes, every single Internet monopoly out there is because of government intervention, not in spite of it), we make people worse off. We need government to get back out of the way, like it used to be:

So as we think about internet policy, we should look at the entire internet economy — not single out one part of it. And our aim shouldn’t be to pick winners and losers but instead to have consistent rules of the road. These rules should promote investment and innovation, protect internet freedom, and promote the market-based vision that’s served us so well for so long.

Investment and innovation are what made the commercial Internet a success. More please.



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