Folks, It's Too Late to Ban Bump Fire Stocks

Democrats, along with some Republicans hoping to triangulate, think that banning bump fire stocks would prevent another attack like the one in Las Vegas. It’s too late, folks.



Pictured is the Bump Fire Stock created by Disruptive Solutions. What is notable about this stock is that it is a free, open-source design released by that company, with complete schematics for 3D printing.

These schematics have been out since 2013, and when combined with other 3D printable parts, such as lower receivers, allow you to make AR-15 clones that are as much 3D printed as machined (see 1:53 for the bump fire part):

These schematics are out, publicly accessible and usable, and have been so for years. They take little in the way of expertise to build, and only some practice to use. At this point there’s no way to get rid of them. They’re not going away.

If the purpose of the law is to save lives, then passing such a law won’t do that. Anyone who wishes to build up an arsenal, then plan and execute a plan to murder dozens of people, isn’t going to be hindered by your law. Not when your law is trivially bypassed.

Therefore, we should evaluate the law not by your intended purpose, but rather by the side effects. The side effects include growing gun control, feeding into extreme left-wing talking points, and creating an opportunity for Donald Trump to make yet another deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, this time to pass additional gun control measures.

A bump fire stock ban won’t work and is a bad idea.


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