Laugh of the Day: Nazis Brag Their Own Site Offline

Yesterday we covered how the Daily Stormer barely managed to stay on line. Here’s how they bragged their way offline!

The Daily Stormer, a notorious white nationalist website, got itself dropped by two domain registrars and a web host this week. They had posted attacks on the woman killed by a white nationalist in Charlottesville, and that was enough for GoDaddy and Zoho to drop them, and for Google to reject them.


I pointed out that they had not been dropped by Cloudflare, who was serving their DNS and caching their website. Cloudflare does not have a hard rule against white nationalist content on their servers.

The idiots then decided to brag that Cloudflare was on their side. That was enough for Cloudflare to drop them and kick them off the CDN. Says Cloudflare’s Matthew Prince (with emphasis added):

Earlier today, Cloudflare terminated the account of the Daily Stormer. We’ve stopped proxying their traffic and stopped answering DNS requests for their sites. We’ve taken measures to ensure that they cannot sign up for Cloudflare’s services ever again.

Our terms of service reserve the right for us to terminate users of our network at our sole discretion. The tipping point for us making this decision was that the team behind Daily Stormer made the claim that we were secretly supporters of their ideology.

Only the alt right would be stupid enough to run their mouths into getting kicked off the network.


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