US Embassy Staff and Diplomats in Cuba Attacked. Several Injured.

Cuban President Raul Castro, right, lifts up the arm of President Barack Obama at the conclusion of their joint news conference at the Palace of the Revolution, Monday, March 21, 2016, in Havana, Cuba. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Barack Obama promised us peace with the Communists. Now we’re being attacked. What will Trump do?

This is completely unacceptable. We were attacked in Cuba, with serious injuries done to our people. One of the worst attacks since Benghazi:


The US believes several State Department employees at the US embassy in Havana were subjected to an “acoustic attack” using sonic devices that left at least two with such serious health problems they needed to be brought back to the US for treatment, several senior State Department officials told CNN.

…”The Cuban government has a responsibility and an obligation under the Geneva convention to protect our diplomats,” [Heather] Nauert told reporters, “so that is part of the reason why this is such a major concern of ours.”

The State Department is being very diplomatic and acting like Cuba didn’t do it. Their public statements are assuming that Cuba had nothing to do with it, but merely failed to protect us.

But as the CNN report explains, US officials have been harassed in Cuba for years. They claim it ended in 2015, but then this attack went on in 2016. So we can believe that some powerful, mysterious third party attacked us without the knowledge of the Cubans, right after they allegedly stopped attacking us. Or we can believe the Cubans just never stopped.

The President and the Congress should respond to these attacks by ending ties with Cuba and placing economic sanctions on them immediately.


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