New Poll: Big Jump In Foreign Confidence in America!

Pew Researched polled the world to see how Donald Trump changed people’s confidence in America. It’s amazing that the numbers changed this much, seeing the change from Barack Obama.


Where did it go up, and where is it down?

It turns out confidence in America is down almost everywhere. The country that has had the biggest boost in confidence in America? Yup, Russia. They’ve shown a +42 point gain, from 11 to 53%. They clearly have full confidence that Trump will govern America with Russia’s best interests in mind. Are they wrong?

Only two countries show a bump up, and the other is Israel. Israel is showing a small boost, +7 points, probably because of the promise to move our embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Hopefully Trump follows through with that promise, or that confidence will be betrayed.

Everywhere else Pew surveyed, people don’t trust Trump to govern well. From -5 points in Jordan, to -44 in Mexico, to -57 in the UK (our greatest ally), all the way down to -83 in Sweden. People just do not expect good things from Donald Trump at all. And why should the UK be confident? Trump has sent mixed messages about institutions like NATO!


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