Dear Mister President, Trade BENEFITS Americans

Donald Trump keeps attempting proof by repetition that trade harms Americans. For all his bluster about American greatness, he seems to think people in other, lesser countries have a competitive advantage with Americans, and that only if we create Safe Spaces for American businesses, can we thrive.

Turns out Trump’s ideas are, of course, complete nonsense.

Here’s your latest American success story. If Chinese trade deals are so great for the Chinese and so bad for Americans, we’d expect Chinese companies to outperform American companies, right?

Turns out the opposite is true, and Americans are doing better. Per Ubergizmo:

Xiaomi, often referred to as the “Apple of China,” was outperformed by the actual fruit company as it shipped more smartphones in China than the local hero. Latest data from market research company IDC reveals that Xiaomi was the No.5 smartphone brand in China after shipping 41.5 million smartphones in 2016. Apple outperformed it by taking fourth place after shipping 44.9 million iPhones in China, one of the most lucrative smartphone markets in the world.

All we need to do is cut the socialist-style corporate income tax we have, so that those profits can more easily come back home to America, and this is another example of America defeating the rest of the world.

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