POPCORN TIME: Philly Dem orders gays into re-education

Show is a rainbow sign installed by the city marking the neighborhood known as the Gayborhood in Philadelphia, Friday, June 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

In a laughable case of “If the Republicans did it…” the Democrat mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney has declared war on the homosexual community of his city. He’s basically calling them racists, and is demanding they submit to cultural re-education to be able to continue doing business in the city!

And they call Republicans “haters.” Get this statement by Mayor Kenny, from the Inquirer:

Racism in the LGBTQ community is a real issue. It’s a real issue in our entire society, not only just in the LGBTQ area or in the Gayborhood. We need to do more to address it here in Philadelphia. We will do whatever else we need to do to see that the recommendations are adopted. And that possibly could include eliminating organizations who won’t change their ways by limiting our participation in their work financially.

The “Gayborhood” is the neighborhood in town where homosexuals in the city congregate. About a dozen gay bars are in the area. Non-profit and activist organizations aimed at homosexuals also tend to offices in the area. Philadelphia is demanding that the bars and the non-profits hold “training sessions,” as the culmination of an uproar that began with a gay bar owner making allegedly racist comments.

Excuse me, but if conservatives had a video trying to attack a favored group, accusations of “editing” and “fraud” would run rampant. Further, if Republican officials singled out a community of gay owned businesses for special regulations and orders, oh boy, it would be compared with the Nazis ordering the wearing of pink triangles and rounding up folks into camps.

But now it’s time to see which special interest group holds more sway among the Philadelphia Democrats. Pass the popcorn while we watch the shouting.