Sean Hannity's craven flip on Julian Assange

There was a time when Sean Hannity and other prominent supporters of the Republican Party understood the dangers of letting foreign agents leak our documents in an uncontrolled, unverifiable way.


Now though, Hannity is sucking up to Russia as hard as possible. Brown belt? Try brown nose.

Hannity was once sound on Assange. Here’s a quote from 2010 of Hannity livid that Barack Obama had failed to get the guy:

Why can’t Obama do something about the WikiLeaks? Why can’t he? We got this four months ago. We can stop pirating of music and Hollywood movies but we can’t stop this guy from stealing highly-classified documents that put peoples lives at risk?

That’s right: Back in 2010, Hannity wanted Assange caught, and his organization stopped. Flash forward to now, suddenly Hannity is having Assange on his show, even though Assange has put American allies at grave risk, harming our ability to combat Islamist terror:

THE Australian founder of WikiLeaks has been forced to defend his decision to publish tens of thousands of uncensored intelligence documents as condemnation grew over the exposure of Afghan informants.

The names, villages, relatives’ names and even precise GPS locations of Afghans co-operating with NATO forces could be accessed easily from files released by WikiLeaks, The Times revealed this week.


This is the man Hannity supports, defends, and believes.

This is the man Hannity once wanted Obama to capture. Now he thinks we should side with America’s enemy against Americans:

This is insane partisanship. This is “but Hillary” taken so far it’s lost sight of right and wrong, all because Hannity wants to appease Vladimir Putin. I wonder what Hannity’s afraid the Russians will leak about him if he doesn’t?


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