Tech pigs to the Trump (gold-plated, beautiful) trough

Donald Trump says he’ll drain the swamp. But lobbyists have been acting very excited about the incoming administration, writing excited pieces about how they expect gains for their pet causes under the new wave of incoming regulators.


Given his announced appointments so far, it’s not surprising though. So now Democrat-friendly tech firms are giving it a go.

It’s hard to get more corrupt than this in the Hill:

“We recognize a critical early step in achieving your goals of moving the country forward in a productive way will be identifying the right people for critical positions,” the trade association leaders wrote.

“We would welcome the opportunity to meet with your leadership team to discuss our policy and personnel ideas in greater depth.”

Private lobbyist meetings to install preferred people to get rents. These are the pigs running to the gold-plated, beautiful trough of the Trump Presidency. We need to watch how he reacts to these folks. He’s already putting a Goldman guy in after a year of saying Goldman was corrupt, after all.


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