BREAKING: Mike Huckabee to be Ambassador to Israel, Embassy moving to Jerusalem

According to the Daily Mail, Mike Huckabee will be Donald Trump’s appointee to be the United States Ambassador to Israel. He will also be moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Israel has long claimed Jerusalem as its eternal and undivided capital. The Jewish state has gained control over the city after decades of Islamic invasions leading to wars won by Israel and territory gained.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. For safety and historical reasons, major government buildings are housed in Tel Aviv, but Israel isn’t the only country to separate some government functions from the capital. The Netherlands, for example, has Amsterdam as its capital but the government buildings are at The Hague.

In fact the US Congress passed legislation requiring such a move of the US Embassy, the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama all blocked execution of this law, which passed 93-5 in the Senate and 374-37 in the House. But Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee will execute this law.



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