The TRUMP effect: Amnesty is now MUCH MORE popular with voters

Donald Trump has built his campaign in part on antagonism with Mexicans both in the United States and in Mexico. He wants you to think of them as rapists and other criminals, even as he insists he’ll magically make them pay for his “wall.”

His racist rhetoric is unpopular and harming the efforts of conservatives to fight amnesty, and now we have polling to prove it.

In the past the Fox poll has shown that the Trump idea was losing, but it had a chance to catch up. Back in July 2010, amnesty was only up 4 points, 49-45. By the time Donald Trump formally launched his campaign, support for his position had already sagged and was losing by 34 points, 64-30. Not good, but he wanted to win the primaries, right?

Well, now over a year later, Donald Trump has made his case to the voters, and they are turning against him. In the newest Fox poll, Amnesty’s lead has increased by 22 points since Trump’s campaign launched and now leads by an amazing 74-18 supermajority.

Donald Trump’s core campaign issue is to boot the Mexicans out, but over the course of his campaign, nearly half the people who used to support deportations no longer do so. Amnesty has taken an overwhelming lead of support. This is why Republicans are losing: they’ve picked a loser of a candidate who is driving people away.

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