SCAM Poll Releases Trial Balloon: It Was RIGGED All Along!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton acknowledges supporters after filing papers to be on the nation's earliest presidential primary ballot, Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

We knew it. We said it all along. The polls were rigged, and it was a disaster in the making.

And now they’ve released a trial balloon suggesting that their polls need to be “re-weighted” to tell the TRUTH, basically admitting we were right.


The poll I’m talking about is of course the LA Times poll. It’s been ridiculously slanted toward Donald Trump the whole time. If they’re wrong, their reputation is going to take a huge hit, and their ratings in sites like Nate Silver’s will be devastated.

So now out of the blue they’ve linked to the work of Ernie Tedeschi. What Tedeschi has done is re-weight the polls by the LA Times and USC, only adjusting the sample to match the census. Instead of relying on self-reported data, his work makes the LA Times polls conform to the country.

As a result, it turns out the the poll would actually match all the other polls, and the LA Times poll would have shown Clinton ahead all along, had the poll not used a crooked sample.

Why would the LA Times publish this only now? The NY Times outed them a week ago. I conclude this is a trial balloon; if people support this reweighting, they’ll reweight the official poll, and suddenly shift their results to be the believed-correct ones.

This way the LA Times gets the full benefit of months of poll clickbait, while still trying to look good to the poll watchers. It’s the same scam pulled by Public Policy Polling all the time. Remember when they rigged a poll to put Todd Akin on top?



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