Your laugh of the day: Another nutty Trumper conspiracy theory

Donald Trump posing with garbage.

The Trumpers are getting desperate since it’s looking like he’s going to lose and big time.

Now I’ve come across a website pushing a theory that the Clinton Foundation is behind literally everyone Donald Trump doesn’t like. Crazy!


The site calls itself Fellowship of the Minds, but when it has an entire section dedicated to “Conspiracies/False Flags,” it’s hard to imagine any minds are involved.

I mean, look at this annotated version of the image:


Let’s consider the ways this is ridiculous:

  • ACORN no longer exists.
  • Black Lives Matter isn’t an organization you can just write a check to.
  • If they had proof of Evan McMullin receiving money that’d be violation of federal campaign finance law.
  • Organizing for America doesn’t exist. The organization that was formerly Obama’s campaign is Organizing for Action.
  • What exactly has William Ayers done this cycle to “suppress” votes? He was a failed talking point against Obama and is entirely irrelevant now.
  • I’m pretty sure Bill Kristol makes enough money that he couldn’t be bought away from his principles for $10,000. Maybe Trump has some supporters that he bought so easily, particularly in talk radio, but come on.
  • And Glenn Beck. Seriously? Come on. His response to this was great.

Drink in the crazy, folks. We’re going to get months of this Dolchstoss stuff from the Internet loons once Trump loses.


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