New Polls: Trump LOSING in Must-Win States

Early this week Donald Trump was already fading in the Electoral College, and that was before the polls could properly reflect voter reactions to his “grabbing” comments.

Emerson College brought out their first big swing state poll since those comments came out. When it rains, it pours. Trump can’t expand the map. He can’t even get the map back to 2004.

This is bad. RealClear has the results. Emerson College shows Hillary Clinton sweeping states that Donald Trump needs to win.

Ohio: Emerson had a tie before, but now Clinton leads by 2 45-43.

Virginia: Emerson had a 1 point lead, but Clinton leads by 3 46-43.

North Carolina: They had Trump up by 2, but Clinton leads by 4 45-41.

It’s not any better from the other pollsters either. Suffolk shows Clinton up in North Carolina. NBC/Marist shows Clinton up in North Carolina. Trump will find it virtually impossible to win the Presidency without that key southern state.

Even Mitt Romney won North Carolina. Donald Trump is regressing all the way back to John McCain territory, which means a big Democrat victory next month.

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