There's a lesson about privilege in this video, but it's not what the leftists think

The Guardian is trying to induce laughs by talking to Donald Trump supporters, and making videos of them saying outlandish things.

There’s a lesson in these videos, but it’s going right over the heads of the Guardian’s reporters, editors, and most importantly in the newspaper’s smug readership.


Here’s the video going around with Kathy Miller talking about racism. Miller is the Mahoning County chair of the Trump campaign. She claims incredibly that racism only started under Barack Obama. There was no racism even in the 60s, in Miller’s world. In the video, the camera cuts to the reporter making a smug face, and leftist Twitter has gone wild.

Yeah, she’s hopelessly out of touch, and maybe a bit prejudiced. But here’s the thing: when leftists start lecturing about “white privilege,” in response to a video like this, it’s the same thing! All the poor whites in America hear that language, and they look at themselves. They see no special advantages. So the leftists pushing privilege theory look just like Kathy Miller. They look hopelessly out of touch, and more than a little prejudiced.


The Black Lives Matter movement has forced the racists to scurry out from their dark corners, massing together around Donald Trump to make one last stand against equality, liberty, and justice for all. But privilege theory is inherently incompatible with a vision of equality, and the Donald Trump Democrats rushed to the GOP to nominate and support that man, as a response to it.

This is a war between two gangs of racists, and it spilled out into the Republican Party. SAD!


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