EARTHQUAKE: Which states is Trump surging in?

EARTHQUAKE: Which states is Trump surging in?
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a caucus night rally Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The Presidential election really is 50 state elections held on the same day. It’s the state results that matter.

Donald Trump just took some key state leads, making the race suddenly look closer than it’s been.

In Florida. CNN gives Trump a 4 point lead head-to-head with Hillary Clinton. Combined with the JMC Analytics poll, Trump takes an 0.7 point lead in the swing state.

Then in Ohio, it’s two new polls that give Trump the lead. CNN/ORC and Bloomberg give Trump a 4 and 5 point lead respectively, moving the poll average to an 0.6 point Trump lead.

This drops Clinton below 300 in the RCP no toss up map. With Ohio and Florida put firmly in the Donald Trump column, she’s still ahead 293 to 245 in the electoral vote totals. But for the Party of Trump, that’s movement in the right direction.

If other recent polls are confirmed, potentially giving him states like Colorado and Nevada, he could make this a competitive race.

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