Darrell Castle: Conspiracy theorist who ATTACKED Ted Cruz early!

In the Donald Trump era, conservative Republicans are having a crisis. We want to do as Ted Cruz asked, and vote our consciences. However deciding who best deserves our votes, is an open question.


One thing is clear: Darrell Castle, ambulance chaser and Constitution Party nominee, is not an option. He’s as crazy as Donald Trump, and no Constitutional conservative should give him any votes or support.

Darrell Castle

To be blunt: Darrell Castle is a conspiracy theorist spreading crackpot ideas with no relation to reality. It’s not for me to say whether he’s himself mentally ill, or merely seeks to use the mentally ill to further his political career, but this stuff is truly as crazy as Donald Trump’s Rafael Cruz conspiracy theories.

Here’s a window into Castle’s incoherent mind. He thinks that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s secret daughter: “She is so afraid of acknowledging that she is, in fact, a descendant of the Fuhrer that she must destroy her own people to prove she is actually a great humanitarian.” Naturally he’s also a birther, but we’ll get to that later.

Castle is sneaky though: he puts his craziest stuff in podcasts as part of the Castle Report. By burying his ramblings in podcasts, it’s hard to search for and find his oddball rants.

Take for example this Podcast about the “Jade Helm” military exercises. He closes with this beauty: “Could the purpose of Jade Helm be conditioning? Conditioning soldiers to shed American blood? Conditioning us to accept military servitude? Time will tell folks.”


Or how about this? He’s a Ted Cruz birther and a Barack Obama birther, coming out in March of last year against Ted Cruz, floating that the Senator is not a natural-born citizen, and was not worthy of support. In fact Darrell Castle paints Cruz as being the same as Barack Obama: “This all sounds familiar. Foreign-born. Harvard Law School. Harvard Law editor. Law school professor. Junior senator in first term. And now candidate for President. Yes indeed, that sounds familiar,” Castle said.

Now Darrell Castle wants Ted Cruz supporters to come to him. Nice try, but no. If we wanted to vote for crazy, we’d vote for Donald Trump.

How about some Trutherism? Like Donald Trump, Castle suggests a massive 9/11 coverup, spinning a story that goes all the way back to the Bretton Woods deal, right up to the president day, including both Presidents Bush and Obama in his vast Saudi/9/11 conspiracy.

Darrell Castle is unfit to be President and should not get any principled conservative votes. At least that’s how I see it, folks.


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