HA! Here's your Donald Trump FAIL of the evening

Donald Trump this week was crowned leader of the Republican Party, succeeding such men as Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and Ronald Reagan.

It’s amazing how poor he is as leading his own party now.


With Tim Kaine picked as the presumptive Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrats, Trump has decided to wade into Virginia politics. The last Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, was convicted of improperly taking gifts, in a state that didn’t really have laws against taking gifts. His conviction actually got overturned. You’d think Trump could seize on this in an effective, competent way. BUT NO:

Trump McDonnell

Taking a teed up shot on the Democrats, Trump humiliates himself by getting the name badly wrong, calling the former governor “Bob McDonald.” I guess he’s too busy slamming Republicans like Ted Cruz, to be bothered to defend one properly.

The GOP’s a laughing stock. E I E I O.

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