Ballotpedia polled the Presidential battleground - How's Trump doing?

Ballotpedia is a trusted, independent source of ballot information that bypasses the biased media to give voters a chance to study ballot measures for themselves.


They’ve decided to branch into polling by surveying the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, to see how Donald Trump is doing against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Must Never Be President

In short, Donald Trump is getting wiped out. Trump is losing all seven of the Ballotpedia battleground polls to Clinton:

  • Florida: Clinton +14
  • Iowa: Clinton +4
  • Michigan: Clinton +17
  • North Carolina: Clinton +10
  • Ohio: Clinton +9
  • Pennsylvania: Clinton +14
  • Virginia: Clinton +7

What a disaster! This poll suggests that Trump is not a serious contender. Further, according to Ballotpedia’s predictive modeling Trump would lose the battleground by 10 points in the two-party vote.

Interestingly, Ballotpedia polled two other Republicans against Clinton. John Kasich won the battleground 44-40, taking 5 of 7 states including Ohio and Pennsylvania. Paul Ryan tied the battleground at 42, winning 3 of 7 states without ever even building a Presidential campaign.

It’s time the GOP admitted it was wrong, and freed the delegates. It’s the only way to stop Hillary Clinton from having a free hand.


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