[VIDEO] Donald Trump lies again. We all saw him mock the disabled!

Dishonest Don is at it again! He’s really feeling the pinch of his falling poll ratings, so he’s in full damage control mode. The Democrats have a new ad highlighting that time he was making fun of a disabled reporter, and Trump is reacting, trying to explain himself.


He’s denying it, but we all saw him do it!

Here’s his denial, but it’s very weak:

It’s weak since, thanks to Digitas Daily, we have video of him doing it:

TRUMP: Now the poor guy, you gotta see this guy.

Trump gestures in a manner similar to how Serge Kovaleski’s hands are held, due to his condition

Ahhh I don’t know what I said Ahhh I don’t remembaaaaaaar

Trump continues the strange gesturing

He’s going I don’t remembaaar.

There’s no doubt Trump was mocking Serge Kovaleski much like an insensitive 8 year old might. So not only was he mocking a disabled reporter, but now he’s lying about it!


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