LIKE A DOG: Trump's racism is killing him in the polls!

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump had some great polls in his favor. The usual pollsters that skew the most favorably to Trump – Fox News and, oddly, Rasmussen – gave Trump 3 and 5 point leads. Additionally, ABC/Washington Post also gave Trump a unity bounce, and so he led the poll average.


That lead, which was less than one percentage point, is gone. Oh boy is it gone, since Republicans began to disavow him and his racist remarks.

Donald Trump

This is pretty bad for the presumptive Republican nominee. He’s gone from Trump +3 to Hillary Clinton +3 in the Fox poll, a 6 point lead change. Trump +5 to Clinton +4 in the Rasmussen poll, a 9 point lead swing to the Democrats.

ABC/WaPo hasn’t updated yet, so they’re now the only current poll with a Trump lead, resulting in a Clinton +3.8 poll average, a lead about fifteen times the biggest lead Trump has had.

The change is mostly in Trump’s side, too. Clinton has only gained 0.9 percentage points in the poll average, while Trump has lost 3.1 points. I conclude that Republicans are having serious second thoughts about Donald Trump and his racist comments.

Unsurprisingly, Gary Johnson has zoomed from 5 to 12 in recent polls. The Libertarians are eating the Republicans’ lunch.


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