Boris Johnson is talking immigration. Will it move the Brexit polls?

The David Cameron-led movement to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union has been fighting hard, and breaking every rule in the book on public and BBC financing of the campaign.

As a result, about half the polls have shown “Remain” ahead at 50 or higher. But Boris Johnson and the “Leave” have started hammering the fact that the EU limits the UK’s control over immigration. Has it mattered?

Boris Johnson in Croydon  (Andrew Parsons/ i-Images)
Boris Johnson in Croydon (Andrew Parsons/ i-Images)

According to the new Observer/Opinium poll, the answer is already yes. 41% of voters now say immigration is the most important issue, as Leave has taken a 43-40 lead. That’s a big shift from their last poll, which went 44-40 the other way.

It gets better, too: when undecideds are pressed for an answer, they break toward leaving 36-32. In the last poll, undecideds leaned Remain 55-32. There’s no possible way this is a good result for the ‘Remain’ pro-EU side. No good news. Either the poll is wrong, and all these moves one way are just noise, or it’s bad news for the EU.

If other polls continue to show this kind of shift, expect real panic from the Euro elites. While the UK was not a founding member of the European Community, it’s an important member. The UK contributes over 10% of the EU’s funding, which is the fourth largest amount. Without the UK, then Germany, France, and Italy have to take on a much greater role in subsidizing the union.

Immigration and the Syrian “refugee” crisis may be the end of the European Union.

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