The Trump Democrats are real, are abandoning Hillary, and the unions are in a panic!

"Scabby the Rat" - a union picket propaganda tool, photo by Montgomery County planning commission

Many conservatives and Republicans alike have been baffled as to how Donald Trump, a guy who opposes everything most conservatives and Republicans believe in, could beat out base pleasers like Ted Cruz, in solid Republican states.


It’s crossover Democrats doing this, and now even the unions are starting to worry that it’ll cost Hillary Clinton the election.

"Scabby the Rat" - a union picket propaganda tool, photo by Montgomery County planning commission
“Scabby the Rat” – a union picket propaganda tool, photo by Montgomery County planning commission

I got a great deal of pushback when I first mooted the theory. It fit the pattern: the policies, the rhetoric, and the turnout figures all pointed to outsiders coming into the party. Further, the climate in the Democrat party has shifted. Black Lives Matter broke through the usual ‘race’ quarantining the Democrats do, thanks to the Voting Rights Act’s Majority-Minority districting.

National Democrats usually only talk about issues relevant to black voters in black churches. That’s why they go there and why the press never covers it. If the Trump Democrats had heard this stuff years ago, they’d have revolted. But Black Lives Matter protestors forced Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to affirm support for them publicly, outside of the safe confines of a black church with no cameras rolling. So, the last remnants of the Robert C. Byrd/Ku Klux Klan wing of the Democrats, bolted.

They’re Trump voters now. They are the Trump Democrats. If allowed to take over the GOP they’d ruin that party for conservatives. These are folks who could be relied upon to vote for people like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, but now they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. The unions are worried, but they have a solution.


This is what I said in March:

People who are angry not because of big government, but because they perceive white people as not getting enough big government benefits, are not a natural fit for the Republican Party as has been constituted in the Sixth Party System. If Donald Trump makes them Republicans, then the Republican Party will be unrecognizable afterward, and completely inhospitable for those of us who believe in limited, Constitutional government.

The unions agree, based on this quote from Damon Silvers at AFL-CIO: “The labor movement must demand that the politicians we support offer, in place of neoliberalism and austerity, a global New Deal.” What did the New Deal do? Well, it gave a lot of benefits to white people. That was a big reason the Democrats kept the Solid South solid so long.

There’s a realignment of our parties being attempted. Union bosses would lose out if their remaining white, blue-collar membership went Republican. Conservatives lose out if we were replaced with Trump voters. These truly are ‘interesting’ times.



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