Are you outraged by Tennessee's Official Book bill?

Bible. Photo by on Flickr.

With a 19-8 vote in the Senate, the Tennessee legislature has sent to Governor Bill Haslam the new bill declaring an Official Book for Tennessee.

Democrats are getting outraged, so can you guess what book it is?


Bible. Photo by on Flickr.
Bible. Photo by on Flickr.

Yup, it’s the Bible. Cited for its immense cultural influence, unrivaled distribution, and its underestimated economic impact, the Bible makes sense as an official State thing, as much as all the other official state designations that have been made.

Naturally the leftists are going to sue, but Steve Southerland says that outside legal groups have already offered to defend the state on this. So it won’t even cost the state to deal with those.

Meanwhile the opponents want it both ways. On one hand, they’re complaining that this bill wound amount to an establishment of religion:

Hedy Weinberg, the executive director of the ACLU of Tennessee, called on Haslam to veto the Bible bill. She called it a “thinly veiled effort to promote one religion over other religions clearly violates both the United States and Tennessee Constitutions.”

On the other hand, they’re also complaining it’s not establishing religion enough!


Democratic Sen. Jeff Yarbro questioned why the legislation highlights the economic impact of Bible publishing in the state, or that Bibles were traditionally used to track family histories.

“I don’t think that’s why we read the Bible, I don’t think that’s why we send our kids to vacation Bible school,” Yarbro said. “To those of us who grew up in this faith, it is so much more.”

Let’s be honest: they’re mad because it’s too Christian for the preferences of their base, and they’ll make up any excuse they have to in order to oppose this.


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